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Attention All Affiliates

MP3 Audio Station is paying out 75% commissions on all sales and the product is converting at 1:25. The earning potential with this site is absolutely crazy.

To start promoting MP3 Audio Station, use the following linking strategies. Remember to replace "yourid" with your Clickbank Nickname. All transactions are handled by If you do not already have an account with clickbank, Click Here To sign Up Now.

General Affiliate Link:

Dynamic Affiliate Link:

You can use this link to pass dynamic variables to the site. Append the string (?d=Some_Message) to the url and it will be displayed on the landing page. Your Link should include "_" characters where you want spaces to be.

Earning Potential:

1 Sale / Day =
$1,016 / Month
5 Sales / Day =
$5,080 / Month
15 Sales / Day =
$15,201 / Month **
25 Sales / Day =
$25,335 / Month

** 15 Sales a day with this product is not difficult to achieve as the site converts at a crazy rate. You could expect 15 sales from as little as 375 clicks to the site. In this industry, 375 clicks is VERY easy to achieve.